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Knjaz Real Estate

Our parent company "KNJAZ" Ltd. was founded in 1997. in Niksic. With its continuing, professional and correct work, the company has created a recognizable brand, and today the name "Knjaz" symbolizes professionalism, confidence and success.

During the years of its operations, visions were turned into ideas and ideas into new projects, so that today the company "Knjaz" Ltd. operates as part of its daughter companies and has partnership relations with several companies, some of them are the following:

The legal entities mentioned above are a compatible unit that is inseparably linked to each other and assembled so that each individual makes one link in the chain, and all together- a powerful and recognizable holding company that is ready to respond to all the challenges and temptations of today's business world.
Navedena pravna lica čine jednu kompatibilnu cjelinu koja je uzajamno neraskidivo povezana i sklopljena da svaka pojedinačno čini jednu kariku u lancu, a svi zajedno jednu moćnu i prepoznatljivu holding kompaniju koja je spremna da odgovori svim izazovima i iskušenjima današnjeg poslovnog svijeta.

Knjaz Real Estate Agency was established in 2011th. Although a young company, it has a very developed business network in Montenegro, which is inherited from its parent company by using its material and human resources, as well as valuable experience.

Business experience, higher education, communication skills, commitment to customers, the orientation towards achieving the best solutions for everyone who desides to gave us their trust ... these are characteristics of the people employed in our agency.

Our agency offers the following services:     
  • Buying and selling real estate and agency intermediation     
  • Renting of properties     
  • Repurchase of claims (factoring)     
  • Intermediation in the execution     
  • Implementation of Public sales (non-judicial sale)
  • Providing services for property registration, their legalization, obtaining building and occupancy permits, insertion of the urban plans, mediation in the development of technical documents, etc.
Be kind to everyone, close only with a few, and try them out before you give them your confidence
— George Washington
We are here for you and your confidence. Until we meet with you ...
Yours sincerely,
Knjaz Real Estate Agency

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