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«No smaller land - neither greater beauty" is a slogan that gives a complete image of Montenegro and explains why it's one of the most attractive destinations in the world. Proudly called "a hidden jewel of the Mediterranean" Montenegro is one of the most southern European countries. Its coast, 293km long, where is nestled 117 beautiful beaches, extends along the south side of the Adriatic Sea. In this country full of contrasts, in a small space, the snow mountain peaks are touching the vastness of the sea, quiet mountain lakes hang out with mountain streams.

Geographic and climatic diversity of Montenegro, makes it a unique point on the planet, a perfect blend of Mediterranean exotic and wild beauty of hills and mountains. One legend says that in ancient times, the name of Montenegro comes from its enemies because of the bad luck that befell anyone who would try to conquer it.

Montenegrin people has historically been known for their courage, pride and the eternal pursuit of the preservation of tradition, independence and their freedom. Today, at the very gates of entry in the EU, Montenegro is ready for cooperation in all fields of activity. With its efficient legal system, the possibility of an up to date receiving all the necessary dacumentation and various tax reliefs, with unique natural beauty and resources, it is a wholehearted recommendation for all investors.

General information about Montenegro:
Area: 13,812 km2
Population: 662,000
Population density: 50 stanov/km2
Capital city: Podgorica (173,000 inhabitants), the administrative and economic center
Capital: Cetinje - Historical and Cultural Center
Climate: Mediterranean
Official Currency: Euro
Time zone: GMT +1
Airports: Podgorica, Tivat
VAT: 19%
Call number: 382

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